Insightful Market Research at Reasonable Prices

Zeitgeist Research uses proven, high-impact tools to meet the market research needs of savvy companies. Zeitgeist Research offers a reliable process and a nimble support system for market research professionals. With Zeitgeist Research, dollars go further—without sacrificing quality.

Brand Health / Equity

How healthy is your brand compared to your competitors?

  • Brand awareness and consideration
  • Brand perceptions and image
  • Competitive positioning
  • Product/service usage
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty

Advertising Effectiveness

Does your advertising work and how effective is it?

  • Aided and unaided awareness
  • Ad recall, preference, and liking
  • Message testing
  • Behavioral impact/brand choice modeling

Decision Path Analysis

How do consumers make decisions?

  • Motivations/need analysis
  • Information gathering/research
  • Evaluation of choices
  • Making a choice
  • Post purchase/satisfaction/repurchase

About Us

Zeitgeist Research is one of the industry’s leading providers of high-impact, high-value Do-It-Yourself and A La Carte market research tools and services, including a proven process, automated tools, and a nimble support system—without sacrificing quality.

Our tools allow market research and marketing professionals to design and execute market research projects for a fraction of the price of traditional full-service market research companies.

News and Publications

Dr. Manfred Bluemel, founder and CEO of Zeitgeist Research, has been quoted in a recent article appearing in the prestigious Financial Times entitled “The Bezos Doctrine of Ruthless Pragmatism.”

Here’s a link to the entire article, which discusses Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his “no-nonsense virtues” when it comes to delivering exceptional customer service:

Dr. Bluemel headed the worldwide market research efforts at Amazon for eight years before launching Zeitgeist Research.