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Zeitgeist, a German word meaning “spirit of the times,” is the energy that sweeps through society, motivating new ideas, needs and desires.

We are keenly aware of the zeitgeist, which reflects our cutting-edge applied methodologies and techniques.


How Zeitgeist Research gives you an edge.

Transparent, Affordable Pricing.

Count on our straightforward pricing model, with no mark-up on sample.

Only Senior Researchers.

Each Z-Team researcher brings 10+ years of experience to the table. There’s no bait-and-switch, where seniors make the sales pitch, but juniors execute your projects.

Beyond the data.

Inexperienced researchers deliver undigested data. Our senior team harvests insights that tell a story, resulting in actionable findings.

NPS 92!

Working with our customer-obsessed company means you partner with a consumer insights team that earns this rating, day in and day out.

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