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Zeitgeist Research: Breaking the Mold in Consumer Insights

There’s a saying in the Consumer Insights industry that has fueled a fundamental belief for decades: “Fast, affordable, or good. Pick two.” Well, now you can have them all.

Technology, experience, and not being bound by the traditional way of doing things drove us to create a better Consumer Insights company: Zeitgeist Research. We designed Zeitgeist Research to make sure that you get the highest quality results, quickly and at a good price. So our mantra is “Fast, good, and affordable. Period.”

Add to that our transparent pricing policy. No more guessing what you’re paying for. With Zeitgeist Research, there are never any hidden charges or fees, no mark-ups on sample, and no overseas outsourcing of your data processing or analysis.

Here’s how we do it:

  • We tell your story. Plus. All of our researchers have over a decade of experience on both the client and supplier side of the industry. With that level of experience, we can tell your story, accompanied by detailed strategic recommendations. Junior analysts can’t do that, so we don’t hire them in the first place.
  • We are state-of-the-art. The world is changing, and we’re changing with it. Facial coding, fully mobilized surveys, and social media campaigns to recruit focus group participants – if it’s the best approach to your problem, we have it.
  • We save you time. Standardized pricing means you know what you’ll be paying before you pick up the phone: no endless negotiating. We have proven processes that we’ve automated for high-speed turnaround. Most of our surveys are delivered within 3-5 weeks. We move fast. The only question is: Can you keep up with us?

The consumer insights industry is changing, and we’re leveraging that change to find a better way of doing business. And we’re passing the benefits of that on to our customers. Shouldn’t you be working with Zeitgeist Research?


Principal Partner & Founder

Managing Director, Partner

Director of Strategic Research


Market Research Manager

Market Research Manager

Director of Advanced Analytics


Hospitality and Gaming Strategist

Director of Research Strategies

Qualitative Research Strategist


VP of Engineering, Live Nation

Director, Sony Pictures

Managing Director, MSL Group


Director, McAfee
Paula Harries
As Principal Partner and Founder of Zeitgeist Research, Manfred Bluemel has assembled an experienced team of very smart people who take the time to gain an in-depth understanding of clients’ critical business objectives and then formulate research to provide the answers they need. Under Manfred’s leadership, Zeitgeist is one of the most creative and innovative research companies I’ve had the pleasure to work with. In addition, every project is managed impeccably from start to finish, ...
Phil Iaccarino
I recently had the pleasure of working with Manfred and his team when we worked with Zeitgeist on a a qualitative brand equity study for our company. From the very first introductory phone call, to the final project review, the team has been extremely responsive and attentive to our needs. The project was finished on time and the information gathered and presented exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend Manfred and Zeitgeist for any research ...
Beth R. Barnes
Beth R. BarnesMarket Research & Analytics, Alaska Communications
Zeitgeist Research was very flexible and able to meet very tight timelines at reasonable rates. I found their approach to be refreshing in their use of technology and innovation. Everybody I have dealt with has been extremely professional, knowledgeable, and leaders in their field.
Tina Patterson
Manfred brings a unique and very value perspective to being a Research Partner. From his experience on the client side for a technology company at Amazon, he really understands LinkedIn’s time, people, money trade-offs as well as our data intensive approach. Manfred has been working with LinkedIn since the early days when research was just being developed as an important discipline/skill. He was instrumental in not only educating a variety teams on high quality research ...
Chris Ryskiewicz
Chris RyskiewiczVP of Marketing, J.Crew
The Zeitgeist Research team are true research and strategy experts. Having reshaped Amazon’s apparel business, Manfred brings e-commerce expertise to the table unlike few others. Every project J.Crew has done with them has always produced at least one game-changing insight impacting the bottom line.
Stephanie Foulks
We have worked with Zeitgeist Research for our re-branding efforts and needed some serious hand-holding. They are incredibly fast and cost-effective, which is key for a non-profit organization with limited budget, and, most importantly, have a passion for what we do.