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Dr. Manfred Bluemel is the founding member and principal partner of Zeitgeist Research. Before founding Zeitgeist Research, Dr. Bluemel served as the worldwide head of corporate market research for in Seattle, Washington, where he was responsible for the entire market research function. During his tenure at, Dr. Bluemel designed and implemented a do-it-yourself survey system that reduced’s survey costs by 80 percent and increased research output by 300 percent.

Dr. Bluemel brings years of experience in the retail, e-commerce, software, beverage, travel, and mobile application industries. Over the years, he has specialized in brand equity measurement and product concept testing, as well as customer satisfaction metrics and advertising effectiveness measurements.

Dr. Bluemel is a multilingual, international market research professional with a global business perspective. His extensive international research background covers North America and most of Europe and Asia.

Dr. Bluemel obtained his education from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis and the University of Vienna, Austria. He is a frequent speaker for the American Marketing Association, the Market Research Association, and the Puget Sound Research Forum, where he currently serves on the board of directors.


Manfred Bluemel, Ph.D. Research Expert, Principal Partner & Founder

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