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Bullet Train™ Studies

Bullet Train™ Studies

Market research gathers insights about your target market, brand positioning, campaign effectiveness, and more. However, a full custom market research study can take weeks or months to execute. It takes time to develop a custom research design and gather data for rich and deep insights to answer your marketing questions.

In these times of ever-changing market conditions, you need to make many marketing decisions at a quicker pace than the traditional survey research timeline allows. To answer this challenge, Zeitgeist Research has developed Bullet Train™ studies to offer a quick-turnaround survey research solution at a lower cost.

Bullet Train studies are pre-designed surveys that you customize with your brand or product descriptions and desired metrics. The surveys are mostly pre-programmed and the data and reporting processes are standardized to ensure a turnaround time within 15 business days.

Depending on the study type, certain limitations—such as the number of target segments analyzed and number of ads or metrics tested—may apply with Bullet Train studies. These studies gather quality, top-level insights efficiently.

Currently, Zeitgeist Research offers the following Bullet Train studies:

  • Ad testing
  • Ad effectiveness
  • Brand tracking
  • Ad or product concept testing

To determine if a Bullet Train study is appropriate for your research needs, please contact us.