Launching a campaign without testing can feel like a leap of faith. With us, you eliminate uncertainty and confidently select winning messages that resonate with your target audience.

Drive the success of your campaign with our Message Testing products. Our affordable, actionable testing tools deliver fast insights for successful campaigns.



Our Basic Message Testing solution is designed for start-ups and small-to-medium companies with shoe-string budgets looking for simple and basic messaging feedback.

  • Basic Metrics

  • Fast

  • Lowest Price


Our Accelerated Message Testing survey and proprietary scoring algorithm identifies the most impactful messages for your brand.

  • Standardized Scores

  • Affordable

  • Fast


For more elaborate needs—such as determining the maximum audience reach by combining multiple messages, or creating the ideal message composed of images and message elements—use our custom-tailored, Bespoke survey approach.

  • Custom Scores

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Custom-tailored

Strategic Reports

  • Dashboard

    Quickly gain insights into the most important aspects of your complex data sets using our simplified dashboard.

  • Success Metrics

    Your final calculated scores are ranked for easier decision making.

    Each message score is based on an average across indices that takes into account importance, memorability, brand and other metrics.

  • Data Visualization

    With one quick glance, you’ll know which messages are critical to your target audience.

  • Brand Metrics

    We test messages in the context of your competitive set, not in a vacuum, to minimize the risk of message ambiguity.

Transparent Pricing

There are no games at Zeitgeist. We are fully transparent and up-front with our pricing, allowing you to scale the project up or down to fit your budget.




Basic Surveys
1+ Weeks
Accelerated Surveys
1+ Weeks
Bespoke Surveys
3+ Weeks
At Cost

Case Study

The Challenge

A client in the transportation industry was about to launch a new product with a limited marketing budget but needed to identify which message to use in the product launch. A brainstorming session with the ad agency and internal stakeholders generated over 50 message concepts that needed to be explored, tested, and scored.

Our Approach

Because testing 50 messages in a survey is not practical, we first utilized an Online Bulletin Board to quickly filter out the potential winners from the rest. We then tested that smaller set using our Accelerated Message Testing Z-IQ methodology.

Our Recommendation

Reviewing the results from our scoring algorithm on the dashboard, our client easily identified the message that resonated most with its audience and then worked with its ad agency to develop a campaign based on that message.