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Are your ads having the impact you want and need? What channels are working best? Did your ads cause consumers to act? The Advertising Awareness Snapshot Bullet Train™ can answer these questions – quickly and cost-effectively.

Timing: 2 to 3 weeks, 24-hour proposal


$9,750 (plus sample cost)

Why Choose Zeitgeist Research?

  • Our standardized and pre-tested surveys save you time. Brand health metrics have been around for a long time, so we don’t waste time reinventing the questionnaire wheel.
  • Our surveys can be accessed via any device: laptop, tablet, smartphone, or game console.  Our survey software detects the respondent’s device characteristics and presents the survey accordingly. Screen width and height, video capability, and input methods (touch screens, stylus, D-pad) are all seamlessly integrated, enhancing the respondent experience.
  • We don’t dump data. We help you understand what is happening out there to give you fresh insights into your brand’s performance.

Shouldn’t you be working with Zeitgeist Research?

Measure Your Brand Health – Quickly and Cost Effectively

How does your brand stack up against your competition? Is your brand health changing over time? How does your marketing impact your brand health? Brand Awareness Snapshot Bullet Train™ studies are conducted in two waves, giving you the ability to evaluate any changes in your brand health due to product launches, company announcements, or market changes. You can also run this as a tracker, with study waves replicated at specific intervals.

Every Brand Awareness Snapshot Bullet Train™ includes the following standardized metrics:

  • Awareness
  • Familiarity
  • Consideration
  • Ever Purchased
  • Recently Purchased
  • Preference

The world is changing – fast. Make sure you know whether your brand is keeping up.

Note: All Bullet Train™ studies are also available as fully customizable research studies for deeper exploration and richer insights. These studies include more segments and deliver customized metrics. Custom studies have longer timelines (3–6 weeks) and pricing starts at $10,750 (plus sample costs.)