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No time for research? No budget? Jump on the Bullet Train!

  • Is this copy going to be effective?
  • Have they seen my ads?
  • What is the optimal brand position?

In today’s fast-paced world, there never seems to be enough time and money to do research. Now there is no excuse for not getting the information you need to eliminate the risk of a bad decision. Named for the ultra-fast trains that shrink distances in Japan and Europe, Zeitgeist Research offers Bullet Train surveys that similarly shrink the time and resources needed for research.

All of Zeitgeist Research’s Bullet Train™ studies are cost-effective, standardized surveys designed to be turned around on a quicker-than-normal timeline.

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  1. Value Proposition Assessment Bullet Train
  2. Brand Health Temperature Check Bullet Train
  3. Brand Positioning Evaluation Bullet Train
  4. Brand Awareness Snapshot Bullet Train
  5. Advertising Awareness Snapshot Bullet Train
  6. Final Advertising Evaluation Bullet Train
  7. Imagery Testing Bullet Train
  8. Copy Testing Bullet Train

Timing: 2 to 3 weeks for completion, 24 hours for proposal


$9,750 (plus sample cost)

Note: All Bullet Train™ studies are also available as fully customizable research studies for deeper exploration and richer insights. These studies include more segments and deliver customized metrics. Custom studies have longer timelines (3–6 weeks) and pricing starts at $10,750 (plus sample costs.)