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Words are powerful. That’s why you have to choose the right ones. Copy Testing Bullet Train studies are cost-effective and fast research to identify the most effective copy for your product. Our pre-designed survey allows you to test up to four concept descriptions to understand use cases, needs, positioning, marketing, and messaging. You provide the ideas. We’ll deliver the insights.

Turnaround Time: 2 to 3 weeks; 24-hour proposal


Starting from $9,750

Why Choose Zeitgeist Research?

  • We are automated for efficiency. Let’s face it. Consumer insights is not rocket science. And copy testing is, for the most part, a well-understood discipline. So, instead of making every project custom research, we automated our process and applied state-of-the-art technology to every step along the way. That’s how we bring you the highest quality research, faster, and more cost-effectively than you have ever seen before.
  • No boring surveys. One of the key challenges in our industry is declining response rates. We’re doing our part to make surveys filled with long, boring matrix questions and dull checkboxes or radio buttons are a thing of the past. Our fun, interactive, and visually appealing surveys keep the respondent engaged, ensuring that we deliver accurate data and insightful results.
  • Reporting that works for you. At Zeitgeist Research, all of our analysts have more than ten years’ experience in consumer insights. No more data regurgitation! You need intelligent reports that communicate knowledge. That’s what we deliver.

Shouldn’t you be working with Zeitgeist Research?

Find the Best Copy to Create Market Opportunity

Are you taking a new product or service concept to market? Or do you have a new message for your current and potential customers? Copy Testing Bullet Train™ studies quickly test up to six short, text-only paragraphs to understand market opportunity and develop go-to-market plans.

Whether you are testing value propositions or messaging, Zeitgeist Research delivers timely feedback on likes and dislikes specific to your copy through visual, interactive mark-up exercises in our Concept Markup Tool. Also, this standardized study also allows you to measure the impact of your copy on a set number of brand perceptions of your choosing, as well as with standardized metrics to compare concept ideas.

Note: This study is also available as a fully customizable research study. Conduct deeper research and get richer results with additional test concepts (including images), more audience segments, and customized measures. Full custom studies have longer timelines (3–6 weeks) and start at $10,750.