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You’ve tested the concepts. You’ve tested the copy. You’ve tested the images. Now, take the last step and pull it all together for one final check before launch. Test the final executions to find out whether the whole is equal or greater than the sum of the parts!

Turnaround Time: 2 to 3 weeks, 24-hour proposal


$9,750 (plus sample cost)

Why Choose Zeitgeist Research?

  • We are automated for efficiency. Let’s face it. Consumer insights is not rocket science. So, instead of making every project custom research, we automated our process and applied state-of-the-art technology to every step along the way. That’s how we bring you the highest quality research, faster, and more cost-effectively than you have ever seen before.
  • No boring surveys. One of the key challenges in our industry is declining response rates. We’re doing our part to make surveys filled with long, boring matrix questions and dull checkboxes or radio buttons a thing of the past. Our fun, interactive, and visually appealing surveys keep the respondent engaged, and ensuring that we deliver accurate data and insightful results.
  • Fast, Good, and Affordable. Period. Zeitgeist Research works hard to challenge the “generally accepted principles” of the consumer insights industry. We deliver high-quality research, fast, at a great value.

Shouldn’t you be working with Zeitgeist Research?

Maximize Impact and Drive Action

Find out which of your ads will cause the desired reaction. What aspects of the ads work – and which don’t work? Which ad (or combination of ads) is most likely to succeed, going forward? And how do these ads make consumers feel about your brand? Test up to three executions of one type of media, including:

  • Print – evaluation of image and limited text
  • Radio – evaluation of audio-only clips (up to 30 seconds each)
  • Story Boards – evaluation of a combination of images and script or text
  • Video – evaluation of visual and audio clips (up to 30 seconds each)

Key Metrics:

  • Appeal
  • Believability
  • Memorability
  • Relevance
  • Likelihood to recommend
  • Brand associations

Note: All Bullet Train™ studies are also available as fully customizable research studies for deeper exploration and richer insights. These studies include more segments and deliver customized metrics. Custom studies have longer timelines (3–6 weeks) and pricing starts at $10,750 (plus sample costs.)