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How compelling is your value proposition? Will it motivate consumers to action? The Value Proposition Assessment Bullet Train™ can test a campaign or product/service concept to determine how consumers feel about your value proposition – before you move forward into execution.

Turnaround Time: 2 to 3 weeks, 24-hour proposal


$9,750 (plus sample cost)

Why Choose Zeitgeist Research?

  • Been there, done that. Zeitgeist Research only uses experienced, senior researchers. In fact, each of our researchers has 10+ years of experience in consumer insights, so they know how to get you the insight you need.
  • We deliver value. Consumer insights reports should tell a story that informs business decisions, and delivers broader insights about perceptions of your product and brand. That’s the kind of reports we deliver.
  • We are automated for efficiency. Let’s face it. Consumer insights is not rocket science. And copy testing is, for the most part, a well-understood discipline. So, instead of making every project custom research, we automated our process and applied state-of-the-art technology to every step along the way. That’s how we bring you the highest quality research, faster, and more cost-effectively than you have ever seen before.

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How Compelling Is Your Value Proposition?

It sounds good to you, but how will your customers react? Your value proposition is at the heart of all of your marketing decisions. Make sure it is spot on with our Value Proposition Assessment Bullet Train™. These projects allow you to test long-form text concepts describing your product or service concept, or your marketing campaign to gather consumer reactions and insights. In addition to standard metrics, this Bullet Train uses the Concept Markup Tool to understand exactly what is working and not working, and how you can revise your value proposition to have greater impact with consumers. Each Value Proposition Assessment Bullet Train™ can include up to three long-form, text-only value propositions of approximately two paragraphs in length.

Note: All Bullet Train™ studies are also available as fully customizable research studies for deeper exploration and richer insights. These studies include more segments and deliver customized metrics. Custom studies have longer timelines (3–6 weeks) and pricing starts at $10,750 (plus sample costs.)