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AIDA. Awareness, Interest, Decision, Action. Simple, right? Not anymore! Today, your consumers have myriad sources of information available to them and many different ways to purchase your products. They go forward, then backward, then sideways, through their decision process. Decision Path Analysis give insight into how consumers journey to purchase, and where and how you can effectively influence them toward purchasing your product.

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Why Choose Zeitgeist Research?

  • We combine quantitative and qualitative. Our experienced, senior researchers have backgrounds in both qualitative and quantitative. That means we can handle your project end-to-end, seamlessly integrating all phases to create stunning insights.
  • We tell the decision path story. A lot of research firms are good at gathering data. And you need data. But you also need to understand the data. We give you that understanding, and we go one step further: to the story. Having that story will help others on your team buy into your decision path strategy.
  • Fast, Good, and Affordable. Period. Zeitgeist Research works hard to challenge the “generally accepted principles” of the consumer insights industry. We deliver high-quality research, fast, at a great value.

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Shorten the Customer Purchasing Journey

What’s the goal of marketing? To get people to buy stuff, at a profit. And that means influencing people to prefer your stuff to the competition. Therefore, effective marketers reach customers at the moment, or at the touch point, that most influences their decision to purchase.

And the profitability part? That’s where understanding the customer’s Decision Path comes into play. Decision Path Analysis helps marketers:

  • Allocate marketing spend to where it matters.
  • Disrupt the purchase process for customers of major competitors.
  • Improve the Customer Experience to increase frequency and loyalty.

Zeitgeist’s decision path model includes regression analysis which very clearly identifies which touch point has the highest impact on the consideration set and is the biggest factor for sales conversion, giving you the insights you need to create marketing communications and strategies that get the job done.