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This is where the purchase decision is made: in the store, or in the restaurant. Intercept surveys take you to your target consumer while they make the purchase decision. What offerings did they consider or reject? What caught their eye on the menu or shelf? How did they choose between two similar offerings? Intercept surveys are short surveys conducted in-the-moment with your customer. There is no more accurate way to understand the purchase decision than with this methodology.

Turnaround Time: 4 to 6 weeks, 2-3 days for proposal


Starting from $20,000

Why Choose Zeitgeist Research?

  • Passion, with persistence. Intercepting shoppers is not easy. Let’s face it – not everyone wants to shop while accompanied by a stranger, no matter how congenial that stranger seems to be. In spite of these challenges, Zeitgeist Research moderators consistently complete even the trickiest on-site assignments, delivering exceptional insights to our clients.
  • We help you understand what you’re seeing and hearing. All of our researchers bring diverse backgrounds and deep experience to their projects. They help you sort out what is actionable and important from what is merely interesting, giving extra value to your research.
  • Our reports tell a story: Zeitgeist Research’s expert, senior-level analysts, allow us to go much further, addressing issues and obtaining feedback from qualified customers where purchases and purchase decisions take place. We provide you with strategic recommendations to make informed business decisions.

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Interview Real Customers While They Purchase

These one-on-one interviews generate true insight into the shopper’s psyche by exploring their perceptions, opinions, behaviors, and attitudes. Because these interviews take place in a real-world retail environment, responses are much more accurate than if the shopper responded to a survey days or even weeks later. Allowing customers to provide feedback about a category, brand, concept, or retailer as they are browsing through the relevant section of a store puts them in a position to provide truly meaningful insight. We conduct the following types of intercept studies:

  • Retailer preference. Where do they like/dislike to shop and why?
  • Reasons for purchase and non-purchase. Why did the consumer purchase from a certain retailer and not from another? Why?
  • Product testing. What do shoppers think of a new product offering? Did they include it in their consideration set? Did they purchase? Why?
  • Product comparisons. How do shoppers compare similar products? What is the deciding factor?