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Have you ever wished you could separate a room of focus group respondents for just five minutes and talk to them individually? Online bulletin boards are perfect for carrying on asynchronous discussions. They allow respondents flexibility to log in independently, weigh in on their viewpoints, and post comments, images, and videos in an individual or group context.

Turnaround Time: 4 to 6 weeks, 2-3 days for proposal


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Why Choose Zeitgeist Research?

  • Experienced moderators: Online bulletin board software is very flexible and feature-rich. Because Zeitgeist Research moderators have extensive business experience as well as extensive experience with the tool, they can use the tool creatively to meet your project needs.
  • We are hands-on: Online bulletin board don’t run themselves. The depth and richness of information collected is determined by the amount of moderator interaction with the participants. We greet every respondent, post thoughtful probes, monitor participation, and encourage group sharing to keep the respondents engaged and delivering.
  • We provide thoughtful assignments: We ask respondents to post a picture that describes how they feel. We give them video assignments, generating richer feedback than responding to a query through text only. Our discussions teem with varied perspectives and insightful findings that reflect the variety of approaches we use.

Shouldn’t you be working with Zeitgeist Research?

Online Bulletin Board Study

Online Bulletin Boards are the marriage of focus groups and in-depth interview. During an online bulletin board study, respondents participate in a research discussion online over a few consecutive days. Zeitgeist Research conducts online bulletin board groups in a message board format, where the moderator posts questions and participants respond to the moderator and each other. Online bulletin boards are helpful for:

  • “Deep-dive” exploratory research. Because the discussion takes place over several days, respondents have time to react, review other’s reactions, and then reconsider their responses in light of additional information.
  • Sensitive topics where participants desire anonymity. Online bulletin boards can be run anonymously, with the moderator assigning an alias so that no one knows who is responding. This is also useful when online bulletin boards are used for employee research projects.
  • Creative development sessions. The moderator can share multimedia images with participants, participants can mark-up materials, and can even post their creative efforts.
  • Dispersed participants. Because online bulletin boards are virtual and asynchronous, you are no longer limited to participants in the same geographies or time zones. Participants join and leave the bulletin board at their convenience.
  • Minimize peer pressure. Especially with teens and tweens, peer pressure can seriously distort your findings. Due to the anonymous nature of bulletin boards, even the most introverted respondents find their voice.