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Consumer insights provide the sound marketing information at the center of all effective marketing decision making. Quantitative surveys make up the vast majority of that research, and online surveys dominate consumer insights project methodologies. We are experts at online surveys, with decades of experience in obtaining, analyzing, and interpreting data into insight-laden stories.

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Why Choose Zeitgeist Research?

  • Beyond mobile-ready, we’re mobile optimized: Our online survey software automatically detects what device and browser the respondent is using and adjusts accordingly to present the survey in the best format. Scripting and styling properties such as screen width and height, video capability, and input methods (touch screens, stylus, D-pad) are all seamlessly integrated.
  • Our surveys keep respondents involved and interested: We go beyond checkboxes and radio buttons to fun, interactive, and visually appealing formats that keep the respondent engaged. That ensure we deliver accurate and insightful data.
  • No data dumps.  Zeitgeist Research’s expert, senior-level analysts provide you with intelligence and knowledge, not just data regurgitation. We tell you the story behind the numbers.

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Online Surveys: Consumer Insights’ Gold Standard

With the rapid growth of internet access, online surveys have become the “go-to” tool for marketers. In fact, among individuals who have access to the internet, roughly 90% prefer to take surveys online. The reason for this include:

  • Less expensive. Especially when compared to telephone surveys, online surveys are much more cost effective.
  • Convenient. Most Americans are never more than an arm’s length away from their desktop, tablet or phone, making it extremely convenient to complete surveys online, anytime, anywhere!
  • Easy to present graphics, video, sound, etc. Again, compared to other survey methodologies, online surveys can easily and flexibly present multi-media stimuli to respondents.
  • Programming controls question presentation. Because online surveys are easily programmed to present the appropriate questions and stimuli to the correct respondent, they deliver a more enjoyable experience for the user, as well as cleane, more accurate data.
  • Easy to present in multiple languages. No need to find interviewers who are native-language fluent! Online surveys can be easily translated into any language, and even into major dialects.