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In-depth interviews, whether conducted in person or remotely via telephone, webcam, or web-conference, are ideal for reaching hard-to-find consumers and in situations where reactions need to be measured without influence of the group dynamic present during focus groups. Therefore, in-depth interviews are also frequently used for B2B participants or where the target audience is geographically dispersed.

Turnaround Time: 4 to 6 weeks, 2-3 days for proposal

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Starting from $1,000 per interview

Why Choose Zeitgeist Research?

  • Make the respondent comfortable. As remote in-depth interviews can be conducted virtually, the respondent stays in a comfortable, secure, and familiar location, reducing their anxiety about the process.
  • Flawless operations. From recruiting the participants, to conducting the groups, our experienced interviewers manage the process end-to-end to avoid technical issues that might annoy your participants.
  • We deliver more value.  We reversed engineered the consumer insights process to remove cost wherever possible. We’re not a one-person shop, and we have decades of experience, so we don’t waste time re-inventing the wheel. Together, that means we deliver the best consumer insights value in the business.

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Seven Reasons In-depth Interviews Might Be Right for You

  1. No “Group Think.” In-depth interviews allow participants to share their opinions without bias from other participants, unlike focus groups where discussion is the point of the process
  2. More convenient. Remote in-depth interviews allow participants to share their opinions without bias from other participants, unlike focus groups where discussion is the point of the process. And using a web-conference technology, you can easily present stimuli to the respondents in a completely controlled manner.
  3. More information from each participant. In a 2-hour focus group with ten participants, each participant can give feedback for only 12 minutes. With in-depth interviews, the participant gives feedback for the entire interview, providing higher quality information from each participant.
  4. Cost-effective. In-depth interviews are less expensive than other methods, providing a stronger ROI on information gained.
  5. Go deep. In-depth interviews are especially effective when detailed probing is needed, or there is a need for a clear understanding of complicated behavior.
  6. Be sensitive. In-depth interviews are ideal if the topic of discussion is personal, sensitive, or confidential (including business respondents being concerned about discussing topics in front of their competitors).
  7. Reach difficult people. Hard-to-reach respondents, such as professionals, doctors, IT managers, etc., scheduling in-depth interviews is far easier to accomplish than gaining their participation in a focus groups.