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Just how difficult are those instructions to follow? Does it REALLY take only 5 minutes to assemble the product? Are all of the “bugs” out of that new app? Now that you’ve gotten the customer to your website, can they figure out what you want them to do next? Or are you just frustrating them and forcing them to leave? Usability testing not only provides insight into the “whys” of what users are doing but identifies needed improvements.

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Why Choose Zeitgeist Research?

  • Been there, done that. Zeitgeist Research only uses our in-house moderators, each of whom has 10+ years of experience moderating and using innovative techniques to get you the insight you need.
  • We find your users. The success of usability testing depends on getting to the right target user. We do our own recruiting, so we can guarantee that we will deliver the exactly right participant to your project.
  • We deliver value. Our usability studies tell a story that informs business decisions regarding limiting user frustrations, removing barriers to sales, identifying additional revenue-generating opportunities, and delivering broader insights about perceptions of your product and brand.

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Why Conduct Usability Testing?

Usability testing is the process of taking real users from your target audience and evaluating how well they can achieve their goal in using your product. Usability testing is typically associated with interactive media, such as websites, mobile/tablet applications, and software, as well as digital materials, such as emails. However, the approach can also be applied to in-store journeys, print advertising, direct mail, and video/TV ad campaigns. The benefits of usability testing are to:

  • Eliminate key frustrations and problems from the user experience.
  • Remove barriers to completion of sales.
  • Reduce demand for customer assistance.
  • Make design choices confidently with user input.
  • Get insights about how your targets perceive your product or brand.

Usability testing can be done as:

  • Key journey testing. This is usually exploratory research, often observing users with existing solutions, to identify roadblocks, obstacles, and confusion.
  • Design benchmarking. Evaluate alternative designs, possibly against existing or competitor designs, to determine which ones facilitate the user experience.
  • Pre-launch testing. Before taking your product to market, take a final opportunity for last-minute improvements.
  • Pre-launch competitor benchmarking. Before launching, determine how your product stacks up against competitors already in the market.
  • Post-launch in-depth testing. The product is out, but not performing to expectations. Find out what’s not working for customers.