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Whether your needs are comprehensive or targeted, our spectrum of services yields compelling insights.


Comprehensive, innovative and customizable.

Full Service Online Surveys

Our online surveys are completely customizable. More than mobile-ready, they’re mobile-optimized: The online hosting platform automatically detects which browser the respondent is using and adjusts to present the survey in the most user-friendly format.

All types of surveys are available, among them: Target Audience, Product Offering, Concept Testing, Positioning, Messaging, Brand Equity, Brand Trackers, Loyalty, Decision Journeys, Segmentation.

4-5 week turnaround, starting at $10,750

Express Online Surveys

Don’t let time pressures prevent you from getting key insights for making sound decisions. Our “Bullet Train” surveys, named for Europe and Japan’s ultrafast trains, roar into the heart of your questions with our pre-designed express solutions.

Survey Types: Brand Health, Concept Testing, Message Testing, Creative Testing, Positioning and Value Proposition.

1-2 week turnaround, starting at $9,750

Focus Groups

Recruiting is the key. We use only our in-house recruiting team for each project, utilizing social media for hard-to-find target audiences, so your respondent composition is always built from scratch. This avoids quality issues related to 'professional respondents'.

Our team includes in-house moderators, native Spanish interviewers for the Hispanic market, and we conduct focus groups around the globe from London and Tokyo to New York and San Francisco.

As an additional advanced qualitative tool, we offer facial coding and eye tracking.

2-5 week turnaround, starting at $7,000

In-Depth Interviews

It’s essential to find fresh respondents. Our in-house recruitment team utilizes social media to seek out hard-to-find target audiences, building your respondent composition from scratch. This eliminates quality issues related to “professional respondents.”

We have in-house moderators, native Spanish interviewers for the Hispanic market, and in-depth interviews (IDIs) can be conducted worldwide, either in-person or over the phone/video.

As additional advanced qualitative tools, we offer facial coding and eye tracking.

5-6 week turnaround, starting at $1,000

Other Qualitative Research

Bulletin Boards and Diaries: If you’ve ever wished you could separate a room of focus group respondents for just five minutes and talk to them individually, you can. Ask us about Bulletin Boards and Diary Studies.

Ethnographic Research: Watching customers interact with your products and services, while remaining invisible, doesn’t have to be a fantasy. Ethnographic research allows you to observe consumer behaviors in natural environments, at home, in a store, at work or while commuting.

Usability: Find out how difficult it is for consumers to follow your instructions. We can verify claims like “five minutes to assemble this product” or make sure that product development has really gotten the bugs out of that new app.

Innovative Approaches

Our clients aren’t satisfied with the basics, and neither are we.

On the qualitative side, we utilize the newest techniques, such as mobile eye tracking, facial coding and video analytics, to discover non-verbal responses of focus group respondents. Crowdsourced insights and online data collection optimize the research potential of social media.

On the quantitative side, we offer a full array of advanced analytics tools, from regressions, MaxDiff and TURF, to conjoint and predictive modeling. By judiciously combining these tools and techniques, we improve the quality, depth and speed of insights delivered to clients.

Transparent Pricing

We’re committed to transparent pricing and affordable costs, believing that’s the best way to build lasting relationships with our clients. All proposals break out various options to choose from. Sample prices are transparent; they are listed separately without mark up.

Strategic Partners

It takes more than a report full of data to win the trust of discerning clients. That’s why we strive to understand your evolving business needs and deliver strategic insights that make a difference to your business over time.


In their words.

CVS Caremark

“As Principal Partner and Founder of Zeitgeist Research, Manfred Bluemel has assembled an experienced team of very smart people who take the time to gain an in-depth understanding of clients’ critical business objectives and then formulate research to provide the answers they need. Under Manfred’s leadership, Zeitgeist is one of the most creative and innovative research companies I’ve had the pleasure to work with.”

Paula Harries, Director, Client & Member Research


“Zeitgeist Research brings a unique, value-oriented perspective to being a research partner. They really put energy into understanding LinkedIn’s time, people, and money trade-offs, as well as our data-intensive approach. Zeitgeist has worked with us from early days, when we were just developing research as an important discipline/skill. They were instrumental, not only educating various teams about high-quality research but creating foundational surveys and processes, which we still use today. Zeitgeist makes sure their team understands our culture and needs, so we can execute and deliver research fast and effectively. I consider them key thought leaders and influencers, when it comes to implementing and using research within an organization.”

Sally Sadosky, Consumer Insights and User Research

Alaska Communications

“Zeitgeist Research is very flexible and able to meet unusually tight timelines at reasonable rates. I find their approach refreshing, in their use of technology and innovation. Everybody I deal with is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and leaders in their field.”

Beth R. Barnes, Senior Manager, Market Research & Analytics

Planned Parenthood

“We worked with Zeitgeist Research for our re-branding efforts and needed some serious hand-holding. They are incredibly fast and cost-effective, which is key for a non-profit organization with limited budget, and, most importantly, they have a passion for what we do.”

Stephanie (Foulks) Blue, Brand Manager


“There are true research and strategy experts on the Zeitgeist Research team. Having reshaped Amazon’s apparel business, Manfred brings e-commerce expertise to the table like few others. Every project Crew has done with them has produced at least one game-changing insight, impacting the bottom line.”

Chris Ryskiewicz, VP Direct Marketing

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