Ever wondered why you won or lost business?

It always feels great to make that big sale! But unless you know why the client signed on the dotted line, you’re starting from zero on the next sales call. On the other hand, if you don’t know why a client walked away, you can’t turn that loss into a lesson about how to approach the next deal. To drive conversion on future sales efforts, learn why the sale was won or lost.

Develop new strategies to drive conversion with our Win/Loss Z-IQ


Basic Survey

Our Win/Loss Z-IQ is designed as a continuous program to create an ongoing feedback loop. Clients with a limited budget choose the Basic Survey to capture high-level insights into why sales were won or lost.

  • Dashboard

  • Lowest Price

  • Full Service

Bespoke Survey

Our Bespoke Win/Loss survey allows clients to monitor their sales efforts with fully customizable metrics, including a key purchase and loss driver analysis.

  • Key Driver Analysis

  • Dashboard

  • Custom-tailored

Bespoke IDIs

Bespoke In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) allow clients to gain deep insights into the sales process from a customer’s perspective. Clients use this solution either as an ongoing practice or to identify key purchase and loss drivers before progressing to a survey.

  • Deep Insights

  • B2B

  • In-house Recruiting

Transparent Pricing

There are no games at Zeitgeist. We are fully transparent and up-front with our pricing, allowing you to scale the project up or down to fit your budget.




Basic Survey
1+ weeks
Bespoke Survey
3+ weeks
Bespoke IDIs
4+ Weeks

Case Study

The Challenge

Our client, a global logistics supplier, brought in a new SVP of Sales to reinvigorate their sales team. On her first day in the office, she held a meeting and asked each team member to reflect about the last RFP and share with the group why they won or lost the sale. Most team members struggled to explain the factors that contributed to their sales successes or failures.

Our Approach

The company then turned to Zeitgeist Research to develop a methodology to help the sales team understand what drives sales success and then measure their performance. Starting from zero, we first conducted a series of IDIs with decision makers from accounts that were won and lost. Once we identified factors that lead to successful sales, we developed a Bespoke survey to help the SVP monitor her team’s performance on each factor.

Our Recommendation

As a result of this effort, our client updated their sales collateral to highlight the elements of their products and services that they now know drive sales. They also updated their sales scripts to ensure that their communications address their customers’ concerns. Knowing what customers want and monitoring performance to make sure her team delivers helped the SVP increase conversion by double-digits in her first year on the job.