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Your project is never too small or too big for Zeitgeist Research. We deliver exceptional results, working directly with Fortune 500 companies and brands that range from small to large, domestic to international. We’re also at ease teaming up with advertising and branding agencies.


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  • Atlassian
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  • Publix
  • Lending Club
  • Grand Canyon
  • KidKraft

Case Studies

This is how we did it.

Improving Conversion

An aftermarket accessory manufacturer came to us to strengthen understanding of the path to purchase, in the growing electric car space. Our researchers conducted interviews with key stakeholders, industry SMEs and consumers, uncovering purchase drivers and opportunities to target consumers early in the purchase journey. The manufacturer also used the insights to reduce friction in the purchase and installation process, ultimately driving conversion.

Brand Impact

A project that began as a simple check-in with purchasers of a new flagship mobile device, quickly changed after a product recall. Our research team conducted focus groups with both loyal and new users, then developed strategies to mitigate negative brand impact. By empowering store-level associates to deliver on the brand promise during the recall period and making messaging improvements, we helped set the stage for the next product rollout.

Targeting Audiences

Our client’s published periodical took off fast, with strong readership growth. However, the periodical wasn’t aimed at a single group, creating a dilemma for the ad sales team: How do you sell impressions without a clear target? Using a large-scale, customized survey tool, our quantitative research team identified readers, and more importantly, their interests. We then developed personas that the sales team uses to depict readership and drive sales.

Testing Concepts

New financial service products are always a risky proposition. Our client had great ideas but asked us to find out which would really resonate with consumers. Our two-phase approach used qualitative focus groups to test a large set of concepts, identifying and refining the best. Then our quantitative team took over, using advanced analytics to pinpoint features that drive purchase. The resulting product is already a success in the marketplace.

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