Case Study:
Attitudes, Awareness, and Usage


Industry: Alcoholic Beverage Retail
Audience: B2C

A new client in the wine industry was seeking expanded distribution and needed to understand how their main wine label was received by their consumers in the market. The client needed to understand not only who was shopping for wine in general, and where, but also how the consumers felt about the brands they considered.

Our Approach

We created a custom online survey to help their brand better understand the wine consumer. Within the survey we asked targeted respondents where and how they consume wine, and also enquired about their consumption and shopping behavior. We then drilled down into how pricing and promotions affect their final buying decision. We conducted key driver analyses for purchase and consideration metrics. This allowed the client to identify their best wine assortment for distribution expansion to meet their specific consumer target.

Our Recommendation

We identified how our client’s consumers use and purchase wine. From there, we created one-page consumer profiles on their target wine drinker by varietal. This helped the client pinpoint new brand messaging, distribution channels, and an initial promotional strategy for specific wine labels within their portfolio. In a detailed report, we uncovered and described new usage patterns and expectations of wine consumers, outlining ways to increase distribution in the right channels with the right portfolio of brands. This richer understanding of their consumer’s usage and attitudes around wine purchases helped create a strategy for expanded distribution and marketing.