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  • CVS Caremark

    “As Principal Partner and Founder of Zeitgeist Research, Manfred Bluemel has assembled an experienced team of very smart people who take the time to gain an in-depth understanding of clients’ critical business objectives and then formulate research to provide the answers they need. Under Manfred’s leadership, Zeitgeist is one of the most creative and innovative research companies I’ve had the pleasure to work with.”

    - Paula Harries

    Director, Client & Member Research

  • LinkedIn

    “Zeitgeist Research brings a unique, value-oriented perspective to being a research partner. They really put energy into understanding LinkedIn’s time, people, and money trade-offs, as well as our data-intensive approach. Zeitgeist has worked with us from early days, when we were just developing research as an important discipline/skill. They were instrumental, not only educating various teams about high-quality research but creating foundational surveys and processes, which we still use today. Zeitgeist makes sure their team understands our culture and needs, so we can execute and deliver research fast and effectively. I consider them key thought leaders and influencers when it comes to implementing and using research within an organization.”

    - Sally Sadosky

    Consumer Insights and User Research

  • Alaska Communications

    “Zeitgeist Research is very flexible and able to meet unusually tight timelines at reasonable rates. I find their approach refreshing in their use of technology and innovation. Everybody I deal with is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and leaders in their field.”

    - Beth R. Barnes

    Senior Manager, Market Research & Analytics

  • Xcel Energy

    “One of the benefits of being a corporate researcher is the latitude to select vendors based on their creativity, integrity, sensitivity and knowledge.  When it comes to qualitative research, there is one vendor that stands above the rest – Zeitgeist Research. The firm not only possesses all the qualities I mentioned but consistently exceeds my expectations. My personal belief is that once you’ve worked with the best, nothing less will do.  I commend Zeitgeist Research to you.”

    - Cheryl Wells

    Director of Marketing