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Fin-IQ Brand Trust Report.
Developed specifically for the financial services industry.

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Why Read
This Report?

The Zeitgeist Research Fin-IQ Brand Trust Report provides a reliable quarterly assessment of the financial industry’s ever-changing landscape. Fin-IQ’s focus on the financial services sector and large sample size of over 2,000 respondents allow a deep-dive into consumers’ current thinking such as:

  • What are the Net Promoter Scores for key brands?

  • What does the future hold for emerging brands like Robinhood?

  • How many consumers in the U.S. use peer-to-peer payments?

  • Are fintech brands trusted, compared to mature financial services brands?

  • Is cryptocurrency going mainstream?

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What Is Inside The Fin-IQ
Brand Trust Report?

  • The Zeitgeist Fin-IQ Brand Trust Index

  • Detailed Findings on Banking/Payments, Lending/Borrowing, Investing, and Cryptocurrency.

  • Brand Equity Metrics including NPS, Awareness, Usage, Perceptions, and Loyalty.

  • Demographics such as Race/Ethnicity, Age/Cohort, and FICO scores.

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