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Covid-19 Consumer Behavior

To say we live in turbulent times is an understatement. Our Feature Report on consumer sentiment helps market research, brand and marketing professionals to maneuver through the pandemic.

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About This Study

The COVID-19 pandemic is testing every aspect of our personal and professional lives, resulting in tremendous uncertainty for us all. Consumers, employees, managers, executives, and policy makers are facing complex decisions and difficult choices, with volatile and complicated dependencies that are nearly impossible to manage.

This rapidly-changing landscape makes it essential that companies monitor the pulse of consumer sentiment and make informed decisions based on the most reliable data they can find. How should their budgets, resources, and supply chains be adjusted? How is demand for their business being affected? What can be done to shore up demand from uneasy consumers with shifting spending priorities and wage insecurities? How can they plan when plans become obsolete in a matter of weeks? What will make their brand the one that consumers rush to rather than flee from? What will make their brand be seen as helpful and responsive to the crisis, rather than completely out of touch with what is going on?

Together with our partner company, the CMO Consulting Group, we recently completed a national consumer sentiment report with a robust sample size of N 1000. Please take a few minutes to look it over. It captures the broad picture across the country and will serve as an excellent starting point for a regional- and industry-specific deep dive that specifically addresses your current business conditions.

We are continuing to gather detailed data and can add a custom survey to look even deeper at your business’s unique situation.

You are managing your business during unprecedented times and need to make decisions with confidence. We are here to help. Zeitgeist has the expertise to develop your questions into confident decisions.