Ever wondered why you won or lost business? Increase conversion with our Win/Loss Z-IQ

It always feels great to make that big sale! But unless you know why the client signed or didn’t sign on the dotted line, you’re starting from zero on the next sales call.

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Pricing & Plans

We offer multiple Win/Loss solutions to fit any timeline and budget.

Basic Survey

$4,750 +

Fast and affordable.


1+ Week



Key Metrics

  • Price

  • Value

  • Expertise

  • Competitors

  • Payment Terms

  • Contract Terms

Advanced Solutions

  • Dashboard

Bespoke Survey

$20,750 +

Custom research to fit any need.


3+ Weeks


Fully Customizable

Key Metrics

Fully Customizable

Advanced Solutions


Bespoke IDIs

$1,000 +

Dig deep with qualitative research.


4+ Weeks


Fully Customizable

Key Metrics

Fully customizable

Advanced Solutions



All your research projects are managed by senior research professionals who each have 10+ years of experience.

As a result, our reports are strategic and tell a story.

Case Study

Key Challenge

The sales cycle in our client’s sector can be long and our client devotes significant resources to their sales and marketing efforts. Combined with the potential to lose significant amount of revenue makes winning each account very important to the business.

Our client brought on a new SVP of Sales who’s first order of business was to understand why they were winning and losing sales so they could be smarter as they approached each new opportunity...

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