Segmentations used to have a shelf life of a few years. Not anymore. Since COVID-19, most segmentation studies became unusable. Catch up with our solution.

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Pricing & Plans

We offer a modular segmentation approach to fit your budget and timeline.

Total Market

$79,750 +

Your foundation for any
segmentation project.


8+ Weeks


Fully customizable


Divide the total addressable market into distinct groups of segments.

Key Deliverables

  • Distinct segments

  • A typing tool for future research needs

  • Media targeting markers


$40,750 +

Compare your segments
to the total market.


6+ Weeks


Fully customizable


Use the typing tool developed in the total market phase and segment the customer sample.

Key Deliverables

  • Customer sample profiles

  • Segment reach to determine gaps and opportunities


$48,000 +

Bring your segmentation to
life with Personas.


5+ Weeks


Fully Customizable


Get a deeper understanding of “high value” segments for more effective marketing and positioning strategies.

Key Deliverables

  • Persona profiles


All your research projects are managed by senior research professionals who each have 10+ years of experience.

As a result, our reports are strategic and tell a story.

Case Study

Key Challenge

The pet marketplace is huge, with Americans alone spending over 70 billion dollars annually in this category. COVID-19 only accelerated this trend with many staying at home during the pandemic and taking care of their pets even more.

With a pie that large, both the big box stores and online retailers have increased the competition, making it difficult for specialty pet retailers to survive.

Our client needed to identify and focus their efforts on key consumer segments if they wanted to compete in the market effectively. They came to us for help with a segmentation study so they could develop growth strategies around key segments

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