Case Study:
Ad Concept & Creative Testing

Our Client + Key Challenge

Industry: Apparel
Audience: B2C

Apparel Brand

Our client, a well-established apparel brand, was in the process of launching a performance-orientated sub-brand. While our client has considerable experience, this was a new category to the brand.

Key Challenge

Our client has a well-earned reputation in the basics and denim apparel categories but limited creditability in the performance category. The brand asked Zeitgeist Research to help identify the right concept for a campaign to successfully launch their new sub-brand.

Our Approach

Agile Qualitative Sprints

Without time for traditional focus groups or an online survey and insights needed yesterday, we implemented a series of In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) in an Agile Sprint format to quickly provide feedback on ad concepts in only 1 week.

We repeated this Research-Refine process a total of 3 times, allowing the creative team to continuously examine and refine their concepts based on consumer feedback and land on a final concept at the end of 1 week.

Our Recommendation

Appeal to Individual Performance

Through a series of 3 Sprints, we found the concept or improving individual performance strongly resonated with performance apparel buyers. We worked with the creative team to refine that idea over the course of our week together and landed on a concept that the brand felt comfortable with.

Using this Agile methodology, we were able to squeeze a traditional 6-8 week research timeline into a single week, providing the brand and it’s creative team sufficient time to develop a winning advertising campaign based on the winning concept.