Case Study:
Ad Concept Testing


Industry: Travel
Audience: B2C

A creative agency called us with an urgent request—they needed to start a new ad campaign ASAP, but they were struggling to identify a concept their airline client felt comfortable investing the time and dollars it would take to turn into a campaign.

Our Approach

Knowing that time was short, and budget was tight, we recommended our Basic Survey to help the agency pick the winning concept. We delivered our report exactly one week from executing the Statement of Work. Using the scorecard, the agency easily identified the winning concept and had the data necessary to give their client confidence to move forward.

Our Recommendation

We found the airline’s audience was attracted to the ad concept that made travel feel exciting and fulfilling. Using these insights, our agency partner was able to develop a campaign that resonated with air travelers and helped their client gain brand awareness and ultimately market share. Our agency partners told us this was the fastest they had ever developed a campaign, thanks to our speed in identifying the right concept to begin with.