Case Study:


Industry: Software
Audience: B2B

Sales were slowing for our client, a SAAS company, as a number of new competitors entered the market. Leadership believed the answer was a renewed focus on the user. But despite their access to a large amount of data about how their users interact with their software, they still struggled to answer these two most important questions: who are our customers, and how can we serve them better?

Our Approach

Our team conducted a series of interviews across our client’s user base, digging into who their users are, how they work, and what is important to them. Working closely with the client, we synthesized the data into a set of personas to help them get to know their customers again.

Our Recommendation

Our personas were distributed to teams across the organization so that every team member could do their job with the user in mind and base every decision on how it impacts the user. With our personas in place, the client’s new user-centric mindset led to a successful product redesign and reestablished the brand as the category leader.