At the end of the day, it’s your job to create a satisfied and loyal customer base because loyal repeat customers are the cornerstone of every company. Our Customer Satisfaction solutions measure how satisfied and loyal your customers really are and identifies key satisfaction and loyalty drivers for you to focus on.

We provide Customer Satisfaction solutions for every budget.


Accelerated Focus Groups

Accelerated focus groups provide a fast turn-around of top-line reports for clients who want to hear from their customers about what drives satisfaction right now.

  • Fast

  • In-house Recruiting

  • Top-line Report

Bespoke Focus Groups

Focus groups are a chance to hear directly from your consumers to understand how they perceive and rate your product or service, what makes them stay loyal to your brand, and where you risk losing them to competitors

  • Deep Insights

  • Story Telling

  • Video Clips

Bespoke Qualitative IDIs

Clients use our Bespoke IDIs to hear from B2B customers about how satisfied they are and what drives their satisfaction or dissatisfaction prior to developing a survey.

  • Global Reach

  • B2B

  • Agile

Basic Quantitative Survey

Our Basic Customer Satisfaction survey is designed to provide overall satisfaction, loyalty, and key performance metrics, but on a rapid timeline.

  • Dashboard

  • Lowest Price

  • Fast

Accelerated Quantitative Survey

Our Accelerated Package Testing survey includes the Burke Institute’s Secure Customer Index™ (SCI) methodology to measure customer satisfaction and provide insight into the potential value of key customer groups.

  • Expanded Metrics

  • Affordable

  • Secure Customer Index

Bespoke Quantitative Survey

Fully customizable, our Bespoke Customer Satisfaction survey allows clients to identify key drivers of satisfaction so they can focus their efforts strategically to drive loyalty and quantify how much revenue is at stake with dissatisfied customers. When paired with data linkage, we can match satisfied/dissatisfied customers with their spend, allowing us to quantify the impact of low/high satisfaction on revenue.

  • Secure Customer Index

  • Key Driver Analysis

  • Custom Metrics

Strategic Reports

  • Dashboards

    All three quantitative solutions—Basic, Accelerated, and Bespoke—come with a static Dashboard, with a dynamic Dashboard available for Bespoke.

  • Executive Summary

    While Basic Research only provides data with a high-level analysis, Accelerated and Bespoke include an Executive Summary.

  • Our Model

    We use the Burke Institute’s Secure Customer Index™ to measure customer satisfaction.

  • Secure Customer Index Analysis

    Using the three key metrics (Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Likelihood to Recommend), the Secure Customer Index places your customers into four segments and allows you to understand where to spend your marketing and product development dollars.

    The data to the right show the SCI analysis for the fictional Amerflight Airlines, along with recommendations on how the brand should approach each segment.

Transparent Pricing

There are no games at Zeitgeist. We are fully transparent and up-front with our pricing, allowing you to scale the project up or down to fit your budget.




Accelerated Focus Groups
2+ Weeks
Bespoke Focus Groups
4+ Weeks
Bespoke IDIs
4+ Weeks
Basic Survey
1+ Weeks
Accelerated Survey
1+ Weeks
Bespoke Survey
3+ Weeks

Case Study

The Challenge

A leading airline had a long-term loyalty measurement program that showed generally high levels of satisfaction among customers, yet competition was increasing and company sales had started to flatten.

Our Approach

This brand partnered with Zeitgeist Research to develop a new approach to measuring customer satisfaction that would help cut through the noise and hear what really matters to passengers. Zeitgeist utilized the widely accepted Burke Institute Secure Customer Index™ combined with its own deep research expertise to achieve these objectives.

Our Recommendation

As a result of this effort, Zeitgeist identified passengers most likely to remain loyal to the brand and developed strategies to support their loyalty. Just as importantly, the research revealed less desirable/high-risk customers, allowing the brand to shift resources away from this group and toward growing and retaining highly satisfied “secure” customers. A new sales and marketing strategy based on these insights drove an increase in overall satisfaction which resulted in a growth in sales.