Message Testing

When was the last time you tested messages? Oops! Too late!

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Thought Leadership:


It’s probably happened to most of us. You’re watching television, and an advertisement comes on. “Whoa,” you think, “why are those people so close together? Why aren’t they wearing masks?” I call it PPSD (post-pandemic stress disorder).

Jokes aside, our perceptions about the way the world is and should work are changing rapidly. Remember, not long ago, nobody would have been distracted by an ad showing people without masks. So, if you’re running the same advertising now that you ran pre-pandemic, you need to test it to make sure that your message is still getting communicated (and not being over-shadowed by current concerns!)

Three Key Methods of Testing Messages


Composite & Scores

When you’ve done your brainstorming and have generated ten to fifteen messages, how do you decide which one is the winner? We can quickly test your messages and give you a composite score that will help you select the best message for your campaign at this moment. Our composite score combines metrics across importance, memorability, brand fit, uniqueness, and more. Additionally, we analyze the competitive landscape to show you which competitors “own” which messages and what messages have not yet been claimed. This makes it easy to identify the strongest message that positions you uniquely in the marketplace for your target audience. These findings also inform your creative, to strengthen your messaging.


TURF Analysis

TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) analysis helps identify combinations of products, features, or messages that have the greatest appeal and reach within the marketplace. Ideally, you would not run multiple ads against the same target audience. By understanding which combination of messages result in the widest appeal, you can develop a marketing campaign that gives you the broadest reach most efficiently and to multiple audiences. As shown in the graphic below, reach can be maximized by offering the message combinations that potentially appeal to the largest population.


Conjoint Analysis

By analyzing each element of your advertising, we can help you create the optimal vehicle for communicating your message. For example, we can figure out what images goes with what message and what headline, using what font and what tagline.

Message Testing is More Important than Ever

Now, more than ever, launching an advertising campaign can feel like a leap of faith. You need to message test your advertising because none of us can know what messages will motivate our target audience in these turbulent times. And that means you need eliminate risk and quickly adjust to the changing marketplace. Zeitgeist Research’s experienced researchers are dedicated to delivering high-quality message test results, quickly (sometimes in as little as a week), and affordably.